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Airport agility

Agility is essential to shape successful future airports. Airports must adapt to current realities through a range of efforts including digital transformation, decarbonization, asset management and modular construction.

Airports around the world are increasingly challenged to manage day-to-day operations and accommodate global passenger growth while focusing on improving the passenger experience. These pressures require agile thinking put into practice.
WSP is one of the leading providers of consultancy services in the aviation sector. It plans, designs and manages airport projects worldwide and has a detailed understanding of the complex interactions between the individual components of an airport and exactly what is needed to make a world-class airport work.
WSP’s aviation sector delivery model allows the company to assemble bespoke teams for any aviation project worldwide by combining global expertise with in-depth local knowledge through an extensive worldwide network. A comprehensive range of in-house specialist services enables the company to deliver fully integrated solutions drawn from an extensive track record of successfully delivered airport projects, to help fast-track resolution of any challenges met along the way.
WSP prides itself on its ability to think differently while remaining efficient and competitive for a wide range of clients, including governments and regulatory agencies, airport owners and operators, airlines, contractors and architects.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Pascal+Watson

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