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Sorting bin facilitates recycling

Airports generate considerable amounts of waste. Launching at this year’s expo, Rossignol’s TRIMOUV Vigipirate is the ideal bin for airport terminals. This functional, sturdy, steel two- or three-flow selective sorting bin facilitates recycling and thus reduces the volume of waste.

There are integrated handles at each end, and the four multidirectional wheels make this bin practical and easy to maneuver. The hinged lid has either two or three calibrated openings according to waste type. The 110-liter bags are held in place by neoprene straps and the bags can be removed either from the top or the sides.

The TRIMOUV also exists with two steel façades and optional inner steel buckets. The two- or three-flow bin will help airports improve waste management, reduce costs by improving the bottom line, and enhance sustainability.

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