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Privacy capsule

Airpod is a Slovenian company that is developing an advanced napping pod with an eye-catching design that incorporates smart functions to offer complete privacy.

Have you ever been stuck at the airport, waiting for your next flight with nothing to do and nowhere to hide away? Over 400 million passengers in air transit each year face the same problems: lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats and no place to relax. These problems are most obvious at airports, but they also occur in many other places: train and bus stations, hospitals, fairs and venues, offices, business centers, shopping centers, universities, hotels, etc.

The solution is the Airpod Smart Napping Pod. The company aims to serve people and their well-being; its vision is to provide them with a private place in a hectic, crowded world. Utilizing the advantages of high technology, the Smart Napping Pod offers an opportunity for privacy and comfort in public places where people are not used to having such options. It will be a private napping spot for resting, relaxing and working when on the go.

Booth: Z1.3203

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