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Analytics and forecasting tools to plan for fluctuations in demand

In recent years, before and in the aftermath of the pandemic, airports have been experiencing firsthand the impact that a lack of planning can have on internal systems.

PDC’s analytics and forecasting tools help provide a proactive and more accurate picture of the investments required to help plan for these fluctuations in demand. As an example, PDC FlowPredict Module can be used to help increase turnover in shops in the terminal.

PDC Airport Suite integrates seamlessly with PDC SCORE (slot coordination) and is the crossroads of information exchanged between airport stakeholders, covering business intelligence, AODB, FIDS, PAS, RMS, billing/invoicing and stand allocation.

Although the systems are fully integrated, they can operate autonomously and connect with third-party systems. PDC Airport Suite focuses on automating data flow through new software to minimize manual workflows and tedious work for the day of operation.

If you would like to hear solutions to optimize your airport operations, visit PDC’s booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO.

Booth: 1419

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