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Improved Cybersecurity Response solutions
Black Box Corporation

At Passenger Terminal Expo, BlackBox will present its extended detection and response solution.

Cybercriminals are becoming extremely sophisticated in today's world, using advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to launch cyberattacks that have a major impact on organizations. Some of the biggest challenges faced by CISOs and cybersecurity teams include: cybercriminals having access to unlimited resources to conduct large-scale attacks; more sophisticated cyberattacks; a shortage of cybersecurity talent in the market to provide 24/7 coverage 365 days a year; how time-consuming detecting and responding to cybersecurity incidents is; and the difficulty of keeping pace with the emerging threat landscape.

Clients today require more next-gen capabilities to detect and respond to incidents faster than traditional monitoring and incident reporting solutions managed by legacy Security Operations Centres (SOCs). m-XDR solutions can address these challenges by providing 24x7x365 monitoring for all critical infrastructures and applications and correlating alerts to find the true incident, filtering out all the false positives.

m-XDR differs from transitional SOC solutions in that it enables security analysts to automate repetitive tasks that must be performed daily when responding to incidents. It not only shortens the mean time to detect (MTTD) a cybersecurity incident, but it also enables immediate automated incident response actions, resulting in a shorter mean time to respond (MTTR). Some of the benefits of using m-XDR services include: improved detection accuracy and faster response times to cybersecurity incidents; improved efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity analysis; and capabilities for detecting zero-day attacks.

For more information on m-XDR, visit Black Box at its booth at Passenger Terminal Expo.

Stand: Z2.4230

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