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Lenze is a drive and automation specialist with extensive industry know-how and a worldwide network of experts in airport logistics. Working with its customers, the company implements system automation and offers services for digitization; it is a solution provider from the axis to the cloud.

Smart Condition Monitoring – without installation of costly sensor technology – provides real-time status descriptions of the ‘health status of the system’ to reduce failures and increase system availability. It is a preliminary stage of predictive maintenance, which, by interpreting existing data from the system, enables a more detailed description of the current condition of the system and can be used at any time in the existing system.

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, Lenze will show two different approaches to improve the availability of any BHS. One is model-based, where the measured actual values are compared with those resulting from the assumed mathematical description of the machine. If certain tolerances are exceeded, this is interpreted as a malfunction and the system operator is informed in order to take countermeasures. The other is data-based. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence learns the behavior of the system and the mutual influence of parameters such as speed, acceleration, torque, position and current consumption. The values are compared with this learned description to define deviations. Of course, in both cases a dashboard is used to show the causes of errors and the system status. Depending on the model, the data is evaluated in the controller or the cloud.

The system is based on the interpretation of information already available. No additional sensors are required; instead, the machine’s devices operate as sensors. With its comprehensive automation portfolio of hardware, software, network and cloud applications and the resulting know-how, Lenze can offer extensive assistance in interpreting data.

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