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Easykiosk offers full-scale security
Secunet Security Networks AG

The new generation of the Secunet Easykiosk provides optimized passenger flows and the highest security levels for deployment at land, air and sea borders. The self-service systems handle initial time-consuming process steps, such as the collection and authentication of passport data, capturing of biometric data and completion of inbound questionnaires. In Europe this is becoming particularly relevant in preparation for the introduction of the entry/exit system (EES), which is expected to lead to considerably lengthier control processes for third-country nationals (TCNs).

The time saving, if the passenger performs the data capture in advance, almost fully compensates for the expected additional work. The handling for the passenger is simple and convenient, contributing to a positive user experience. The intuitive user interface is complemented by advanced security mechanisms and a significantly improved design.

All requirements for high-quality capture of facial images, in accordance with ISO requirements and EU regulations, are fulfilled. This is ensured by the integrated camera, which automatically adjusts its height to that of the passenger. Handling errors are thus eliminated.

The Easykiosk is further equipped with the latest mechanisms to protect against circumvention attempts. Cameras can be used to monitor the process, and additional sensors prevent possible attacks on the system through forged facial images and/or fingerprints.

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