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Collaborative decision making for the general aviation community

Runwave is a new platform for collaborative decision making in the general aviation (GA) community. It is a pilot’s go-to destination to make smoother flight plans with less waiting. Runwave helps pilots execute their flights reliably and enables airports to make optimal use of available capacity.

At many airports, runway capacity is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Airports, airlines and air traffic control are collaborating more and more to ensure the most efficient operation possible. Unfortunately, GA has been left out of this development due to its unscheduled nature. As a result, GA traffic causes unpredictable runway usage behavior and delays. At the same time, the GA community is underrepresented in the capacity allocation process. What if runway capacity could be allocated dynamically to the GA community to optimally fit their needs while increasing the predictability of runway operations? The Runwave collaborative decision-making platform could be the answer.

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