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Grow capacity without upgrading infrastructure

Many airports frequently experience peak load periods with a consumption level very close to the power grid’s maximum capacity. Making the new ITW GSE 7400 battery-driven eGPUs a part of your airport’s infrastructure allows you to smooth out your capacity demands over a 24-hour period. The autonomous eGPU can be recharged from any 50/60Hz socket during quiet periods and contributes to increasing total capacity in peak periods. Fully charged, the eGPU is capable of delivering power for up to six turnarounds, or more for a narrow-body aircraft. In addition, the eGPU is CO2 and NOx emission free.

The 7400 battery GPU is part of the ITW GSE family of green ground power units that are all equipped with the icon-based operator interface, which is as easy to use as your smartphone. Thanks to the plug-and-play voltage compensation system, the solid-state GPUs provide a precise and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug.

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