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Go green on ground

Every day, the aviation industry is met with new and increasing requirements to be cleaner and greener. To reduce the carbon footprint and improve the working environment, ITW GSE has introduced the market’s first battery-powered 400Hz eGPU.

Years back, battery-powered ground support equipment started replacing diesel-powered equipment such as cargo loaders, pushback tractors and buses. However, 400Hz diesel ground power units (GPUs) are even greater energy guzzlers, accounting for 42% of the CO2 emissions during a turnaround. Now, airports and airlines can benefit by replacing diesel GPUs with the environmentally friendly ITW GSE 7400 eGPU. Savings correspond to emissions in the range of approximately 190,000 lb of CO2 per GPU. For airports and airlines wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the working environment for staff, the solution is the battery-powered 7400 eGPU.

The eGPU is already in operation in many places throughout the world. It is independent and silent, can be used on the apron and in hangars, requires little maintenance and is easy to use due to the ITW GSE common user interface. The 7400 is also highly flexible and does not emit any NOx.

ITW GSE supplies the cleanest, most reliable and cost-efficient GSE systems to the aviation industry. With more than 80,000 units in operation all over the world, ITW GSE is a reliable partner.

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