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Streamlined check-in conveyors

Matrex is a French company that designs and manufactures airport conveyors and baggage handling systems, and will be discussing its innovations and technologies at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020. The company has redesigned and streamlined the check-in conveyor manufacturing process. Thanks to its approach, standard check-in conveyors are more robust and reliable, consume less energy and are easier to maintain.

Baggage check-in conveyors can also be moveable to facilitate transport in the boarding area. A plug-and-play system has also been integrated, which allows hardware configurations to be recognized and modified with limited operator intervention.

Another change is a new weigh-scale display system on the check-in counters. Matrex offers two configurations: a display integrated in the counter front panel or a display fitted above the counter.
After being tested and finalized, 50 baggage check-in conveyors will be commissioned in early 2020 in Port Sudan Airport in Sudan and Garoua Airport in Cameroon, as part of two large BHS projects.

Booth: Z3.6255

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