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Modest luxury breaks the traditional image of public seating
Foshan Oshujian Furniture Manufacturing Co Ltd

Oshujian has been concentrating on the research and development of public seating for 20 years. Adhering to the concept of ‘All For A Better Public Space’, it has brought the beauty and comfort of public seating to all corners of the world.

The SJ9062 public seating has a backplane made of polyurethane (PU), with high-quality aluminum alloy casting armrest, legs and bracket, making it more comfortable than other seating. The armrests have a unique arc design, and are made from die-cast aluminum alloy, which is anti-rust and anti-static. Customers can replace different models and shapes of the armrests according to their own preferences, budgets or public space needs, so as to assemble seating that gives rich individual character. The hexagonal cold-rolled steel pipes with high strength and high quality connect each seat to provide strong load-bearing capacity and stability. The legs are designed by the principle of triangular mechanics to enhance the support. Oshujian has specially designed an angled end table to match the seating, enabling the seating to be upgraded to a unique triangular shape.

Accessories such as end tables and armrests are available, and the seating can also be upgraded to install wireless charging devices and wired charging devices, giving the layout of public spaces a sense of modernity and technology. Seating for PRMs can also be set up.

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