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Digital identity transforms the passenger experience
Vision-Box SA

The Known Traveler Digital Identity program enables seamless, paperless border crossing when clearing immigration between two unconnected borders. KTDI is the first initiative of its kind, allowing trusted cross-government digital identity coordination between Canada and the Netherlands. It leverages biometrics and digital identity management to clear a passenger’s entire journey at the departure airport and pre-clears immigration at the arrival airport. Using a trusted framework between governments, the traveler doesn’t need to stop or show travel documents.

A new chapter of the Happy Flow program in Aruba, starting in 2020, will also expand seamless travel beyond the airport by enabling passengers to check in at their hotel or pick up their rental vehicle. It will connect travelers to airports in a manner that will revamp the traveler journey inside and outside the airport. The traveler’s digital identity is used to secure and shape an efficient travel experience that streamlines the journey between hotel, car rental, arrivals and departures, under the auspices of a holistic orchestration platform that manages the flow and progress of each traveler.

These innovations are expanding the aviation business model for enhanced passenger clearance, flow efficiency, identity security and journey control. Vision-Box and its trusted partners are leading this transformation for the benefit of global interoperability and the full realization of the IATA One ID program on a worldwide scale.

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