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Next-generation airport management
TAV Technologies

Airport operations are highly complex and need to be carried out by sophisticated IT systems. The communication between these systems is crucial for seamless operation. TAV Technologies will present its next-generation airport management platform, Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS), which is a central platform for total airport management including all landside and airside processes aligned with existing systems, integrating them into one holistic architecture.

TAMS is an integrated platform featuring multiple solutions covering flight management (FMS), flight information display solutions (FIDS), airport resource management (RMS), capacity and slot planning (SLOT/SCMS), commercial management (CMS), collaborative decision making (A-CDM), passenger flow management (PFM) and ground handling services (GHS).

The system uses state-of-the-art technologies such as flight delay predictions for efficient resource planning, and helps airports to make better decisions. Automation features can handle operational tasks with a distinct algorithm and rule set, minimizing human error and task load for operators. The system augments user decisions and aims to minimize user intervention for increased operational performance. AI-based suggestion engines help airports leverage ‘what-if’ scenario planning and simulation tools, ensuring evolution from a reactive approach to proactive, collaborative decision making.

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