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Best foot forward

CEIA’s SAMDEX integrates a shoe metal detector (SMD) and shoe explosive detector (SED) in a single unit to screen passengers’ shoes without the need to remove them to undergo x-ray inspection.

In a few seconds, SAMDEX automatically detects the presence of metallic and non-metallic threats such as firearms, knives and explosives. Ease of use and ergonomic design make the screening stress free, and the time required for screening is minimal thanks to the innovative technical solutions adopted. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to bend down to carry out manual inspection.

SAMDEX has a ‘step’ structure designed so that the person being examined only has to place his/her foot in a well-defined area indicated by a positioning ‘footprint’ engraved on the upper surface of the step. It also has an automatic graphic interface with a step-by-step user guide that addresses both the person being inspected and the security inspector via visual and audio messages. It also boasts a compact, unobtrusive construction, characterized by a high degree of robustness and structural stability.

SAMDEX is certified by governmental laboratories (STAC in France and DfT in the UK).

Booth: Z2.4005

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