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Hopscotch launches at Passenger Terminal EXPO
Arconas Corporation

The Hopscotch Collection is a series of innovative and streamlined modular components inspired by minimal yet playful playground sketches. Suitable for an expansive range of areas and public spaces, this seating system inspires dynamic social interactions. The Hopscotch Collection is manufactured and distributed by Arconas, and designed by global design studio REPUBLIC OF II BY IV.

Launching at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 are three of the eight series components – the i-bench, low-power tower and light tower. The power and light towers offer power and lighting capabilities as part of any configuration and are fabricated in an antibacterial solid-surface material. The light tower also intentionally serves as a directional beacon, allowing the seating system to be noticed from a distance.

With endless configuration options, the flexibility allows operators to create their own social stations, which include – but are not limited to – temporary waiting areas, short-term work spaces, charging stations, reading zones, coffee corners and conversation hubs.

The modular collection brings a new level of hospitality to the airport experience, with a high level of attention placed on the selection of materials and features. An aluminum extrusion, capped with die-cast fittings, hugs the base of each component, providing ease of maintenance and durability. The upholstered seating tops are robust and feature a soft cushion for comfort and material resilience. The thoughtful shapes of all the components allow the seating system to work in tight spaces (fitting around columns and various architectural elements) as well as more spacious settings.

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