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Real-time staff dispatch data
Inform GmbH

Inform GmbH, a global provider of advanced optimization solutions for airlines, airports and ground handlers, has released its GroundStar RealTime myStaff application (myStaff app). Working with its airline clients, Inform developed an app designed to enhance operational flow by empowering frontline managers with real-time staff dispatch data based on GroundStar RealTime. This allows them to better oversee operations and manage operational workflows when they are away from their desks and in the field. The app connects seamlessly with Inform’s resource management solution, GroundStar RealTime Staff and Equipment, enabling the real-time monitoring of workflows, staff levels and communications with dispatchers and agents.

Using Inform’s myStaff app, frontline managers can now actively collaborate with staff dispatchers and request resources based on their assessment of the current situation on the apron. The app supports optimum decision making about how to deploy resources based on competing goals relating to cost-efficient staffing, employee needs and customer satisfaction. The app also enhances operational awareness and collaborative decision making, as well as automating the determination of tasks and continuously updating activities to be performed. This frees up more time for frontline managers to spend in operations, focusing on managing exceptions, customer service and on-time departures. Inform’s myStaff app delivers these and other benefits including reduced manual effort, increased transparency, improved communications and support to management by exception activities.

Inform’s myStaff app builds on 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry. It is easy to use based on its intuitive UX design. The app supports frontline managers and dispatchers in making joint staffing decisions to address the situation on the ground. This allows for maximum airport throughput even under adverse conditions.

Inform’s senior vice president aviation, Thomas Schmidt said, “myStaff is another major advancement in the digitization of ground support processes. All staff activities are available to the frontline manager in real-time via a tablet or smartphone. Previously, frontline managers spent most of their time outside in operations with no access to real-time staff dispatch data, making it challenging to maintain cost-efficient and quality services. myStaff gives them the information they need when they need it, wherever they are.”

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