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Data for smart airports
Schneider Electric, part of British Aviation Group

The increasing demand for centralized command and control centers is driven by the desire for smart airports. Airport owners and operators are presented with the complexity of disparate data silos, multi-vendor system architectures, and many millions of passengers relying on airport infrastructure to participate in an economically viable and seamlessly functioning global economy.

Schneider Electric’s Unified Operations Center (UOC), the company’s System of Systems technology platform, leverages information from various data sources to drive better operational decisions, anticipate and proactively resolve issues, and coordinate resources and processes to operate efficiently and profitably.

UOC manages airport assets including buildings, power distribution, parking facilities, passenger flow, lighting and security, data centers, wi-fi and communications networks. The combination of assets with connected devices and, most importantly, the data we capture, introduces the need for technology solutions to harmonize disparate data, as well as provide a single view into maintenance needs, downtime predictions and scheduling of proactive maintenance.

This real-time supervisory control solution is integral to operational processes and systems. As a complete automation solution, it serves as a single source of actionable information for operational, engineering and business users for sustainable service delivery and continuous performance improvement.

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