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Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
SEW Eurodrive

With DriveRadar, Sew-Eurodrive provides a solution portfolio for data-based condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. It includes several software services that can be deployed at the edge level to connect the two worlds of automation and IoT. DriveRadar continuously monitors the condition of drive products, machines and systems by collecting data from drive electronics, sensor technology or other measuring systems during the operation. Through correlation with user-specific process variables, the system can not only provide detailed, accurate statements about the condition of Sew-Eurodrive drive systems but also detect anomalies in the overall plant infrastructure. In addition, DriveRadar helps to significantly reduce inventory and asset management efforts.

The MOVI-C modular automation system established by Sew-Eurodrive provides the ideal hardware basis for this approach due to the integration of the latest technology and communication interfaces. Moreover, the MOVI-C portfolio offers enormous potential to reduce the operational CO2 footprint thanks to the superior energy efficiency of the overall system.

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