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Digitize commercial opportunities

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, Mag-O will show an exciting set of platforms that are new to market and will allow airports to digitize commercial opportunities. The company’s aim is to empower airports to grow non-aeronautical revenue streams through an airport-centric ecosystem made up of platforms and services that deliver market-leading e-commerce for any airport.

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, Mag-O will showcase a number of new platforms. The first is the go.airport platform (pictured), which is a reservations system for parking, hospitality and ancillary products such as lounges and security fast-track. The front-end design is user-driven and continually optimized; the back-of-house administration center is intuitively built for staff.

The go.retail platform is a multi-merchant marketplace that empowers passengers to shop how and when they want, with an evolving user experience and an increasing number of products and brands on board.

Also on display will be the platform, a booking system for onward connections across modal types (rail, taxis, buses) to provide customers with the definitive answer for how to easily get to/from the airport.

Provide revenue management for your airport’s car parking to maximize returns by applying advanced forecasting techniques and a proprietary RMS system handling 450,000 pricing decisions per day.

Mag-O provides management of all digital marketing channels to enhance performance and profitability, handled by specialists in paid media and organic search who work closely with affiliates and CRM systems.

Last is the Distribution platform, which provides international comparison and distribution of your airport car parking and transfers via dedicated businesses, and SkyParkSecure, thus unlocking additional revenue channels.

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