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Smarter airports for passengers
TAV Technologies

The ‘smart’ airport concept provides ease, comfort and advanced security for passengers, enhances the overall airport experience and optimizes the operational efficiency of airports by taking full advantage of innovative thinking, data science and mobile technologies. The Smart Airport platform includes a number of airport solutions, along with integration of data flowing from passenger interactions and airport systems to offer the most efficient airport ecosystem.

Smart applications throughout the airport provide self-service ability for a range of actions such as self and remote check-in, self and remote bag drop, self-boarding and e-border. These fast and practical applications minimize wait times in queues and also give the operations the ability to track passengers and proactively arrange resources to ensure a smooth flow of passenger activities.

Mobility systems are used to improve the passenger experience by keeping passengers constantly informed. Mobile apps, information kiosks and social media equip passengers with better control over the airport experience by providing real-time flight details, queue information and notifications in a graphical manner to ease the flow of activities starting from outside of the airport to on board.

Loyalty systems serve to create passenger lifetime value as they allow airports to engage with their passengers, offering loyalty and complaint management systems along with the use of social media. The Loyalty Management System provides exclusive, privileged services and aims to enhance passenger satisfaction with rewards, recommendations and attractive benefits to increase loyalty.

Converged Payment Systems enables passengers to shop whenever and wherever they want, as well as providing airport management with the ability to monitor and manage consolidated sales data.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions enhances the perception of passengers to provide a better perspective on where to go. The virtual assistants guide and answer passengers in an attention-grabbing, interactive manner, additionally creating an innovative medium for effective advertising to increase the non-aeronautical revenue of the airport.

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