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Facial recognition and biometrics
Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace is transforming airports and helping to integrate the key systems of the modern airport, to deliver both an exceptionally positive experience for passengers and an easy-to-manage airport operation. One of the technologies at the heart of this transformation is biometrics. Using facial recognition and other biometric information to identify passengers reduces or eliminates many of the pain points associated with air travel.

At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, Collins Aerospace will demonstrate the potential of a fully connected airport ecosystem running in a cloud environment with iron-clad cybersecurity and robust identity management through its biometric solution, ARINC SelfPass. SelfPass enables biometric verification at every touchpoint of the passenger journey to reduce queues and increase valuable dwell time in the airport. Because it’s an independent system, integrating SelfPass with any existing infrastructure is straightforward. This means low deployment costs and no disruption to operations.

Some of the world’s largest airports and airlines have already recognized the value of this approach and have been working with Collins to transform operations. For example, JetBlue is advancing the boarding process at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport with ARINC SelfPass, in cooperation with US Customs and Border Protection.

Collins Aerospace will also demonstrate its cloud solution, ARINC cMUSE. This tool offers more flexibility for cost-effectively managing changing airport operations. Changes such as accommodating seasonal airlines or adding more check-in desks to cater for irregular operations can be handled seamlessly without passenger impact.

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