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Virtual queuing for airports
Copenhagen Optimization

Virtual queuing (VQ) is the ability for a passenger to book a slot at any touchpoint in the airport and wait virtually rather than in a physical line, thereby eliminating stress and anxiety.

Typically slots are offered at 15-minute intervals and passengers book them online. The VQ solution can be fully white-labeled and presented to the passenger – for instance as part of a digital marketplace or the airport website. A QR code is sent to the passenger as confirmation. This is then validated at the touchpoint, by either an e-gate or an agent.

Copenhagen Optimization’s VQ solution is live in multiple airports, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The SEA VQ solution has proved successful and has more or less been sold out since day one. Passenger surveys show that 63% of passengers spend more time shopping, eating and drinking due to the VQ processing, and 96% say they are happy or extremely happy with the experience.

In addition, VQ has proved very effective when it comes to peak shaving, thus helping to decrease wait times. SEA has managed to skim 25% off peak hour demand during the first few months alone.

The key to using the VQ solution to its fullest potential is to evaluate the data coming from the solution. This will help the airport secure the best passenger experience. The only requirement for the airport is to supply a flight schedule. From here, the concept of operations and passenger outreach can be discussed and the VQ solution implemented.

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