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The adoption of airport-specific best practice

In industries as sensitive to reputation as airports, airlines and passenger travel, the services delivered by managed IT service organizations can be a defining factor in that most important of all outcomes: customer experience.

Having delivered such services for over 30 years, ServiceTec understands that it is never too late to learn. As a result, the company has invested heavily for over a decade to become a highly qualified and mature adopter of ITIL best practice methodology for services upon which consumers depend.

ITIL (formerly an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized best practice framework that can help add value to any service. Such is the exclusive nature of ServiceTec’s industry-specific experience, coupled with the maturity of best practice application, that it adds value to the services of the company’s long-term customer base. Furthermore, ServiceTec has been proactive in helping new airports and airlines benefit from this unique ability; most importantly, enabling them to make better use of existing proficiencies without the need to acquire a whole new set of capabilities.

The ServiceTec team are confident that this combination can help any organization in this highly competitive and valued market sector – so much so that ServiceTec is now offering this as a service in its own right – assessment and guidance in the application of best practice specifically for airports and airlines.

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