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Terminal Management System

The team at Firstco are excited to be providing a walkthrough of their Terminal Management System, which has been built and commissioned in airports globally.

Firstco has designed a bespoke operating environment, considerate of the nature of the operators’ day-to-day tasks and their workplace patterns, all while ensuring minimum disruption to the live working environment. Operators have engaged in an active role, ensuring that the system is fit for purpose, from a maintainability and operational point of view.

Multiple subsystems are now accessible from this new, integrated control facility, including heating/ventilation, lighting, fire alarms, public announcements, radio, telephones, CCTV and more.

Airports require a future-proofed system, with improved long-term reliability and a reduction in maintenance costs. FirstCo has achieved this by providing a commercially available off-the-shelf open system solution, meaning that any competent software house can be appointed for changes or maintenance in the future.

The new system is highly flexible and scalable, allowing many other systems to be integrated into the new SCADA. Most significantly, the features on the system are now much more operator-friendly, allowing the safe monitoring of multiple technologies from around the station. Furthermore, they can be implemented into any airport infrastructure.

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