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DAY 1: Vitra launches a soft, modular, highly adaptable seating system

The first day of Passenger Terminal Expo has seen Vitra launch its soft, modular seating system, Soft Wait.

Soft Wait was designed by Vitra and designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to be a sofa-style system that combines comfort and ergonomics while also being suited to heavy use and the demands of public spaces. Its modular structure enables multiple configurations and can be modified or expanded after installation, and can be assembled into linear and curved formations to make efficient use of the available space.

At the launch, the company pointed out that furniture in airport waiting lounges is subject to particularly stringent requirements. For example, it must be extremely durable and adaptable to changing situations. At the same time, not only should it offer comfortable seating for travelers, but its visual design should contribute to a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Edward Barber, co-designer of Soft Wait, commented, “Soft Wait offers great comfort and ergonomics. At the same time, it is hard-wearing and supports people working while waiting. There is a lot of site-specific furniture made for public spaces that can only be used in one particular way. The Soft Wait system offers specifiers the flexibility to change and adapt the furniture over time, so that it lasts.”

Jay Osgerby, co-designer of Soft Wait, added, “Soft Wait is highly adaptable. For example, it is scalable in terms of size, and is easily moved and changed according to shifting requirements. This combined with the ability to repair and replace parts results in a long-lasting and sustainable solution for public spaces.”

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