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Smart airport solutions
LS Telcom

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol commissioned LS Telcom for frequency management and licensing to become a leading smart digital airport.

The challenge involved ensuring a safe, interference- and incident-free radio environment at the airport while providing enough radio frequencies for all radio networks, services and applications required at the airport under the growing demand from all customers for wireless air and ground communication.

The solution saw the development of a general licensing framework and introduction of an automated spectrum management system including a frequency database and radio monitoring capabilities accompanied by consultancy and professional services support from LS Telcom experts.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now has full visibility of the used radio spectrum and infrastructure, and delivers excellent, highly reliable, interference-free and safe radio services to its customers. The airport can detect incidents, misuse and illegal frequency use and react immediately. This contributes to the general safety at Schiphol Airport and significantly improves the overall positive passenger experience.

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