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Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions will present its state-of-the-art software and services at Passenger Terminal EXPO in Paris. Whether a project involves improving departure check-in processes, optimizing aircraft parking stands or operations, designing new ground markings, analyzing runway capacity, preparing obstacle limitation reports, refining terminal airspace procedures, modeling en-route traffic or evaluating air traffic complexity in real time, Transoft Solutions has a way to successfully complete the task with confidence.

AviPLAN delivers a unique CAD-based set of features tailored to meet the challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. It can be used to analyze aircraft and support vehicle movements on airport aprons and taxiways, plan complex docking scenarios with multiple passenger boarding bridge-airplane combinations, assess jet blast impacts and safety clearances, simulate complex pushback maneuvers and more.

AirTOP is a gate-to-gate fast-time simulation platform, offering advanced modeling and simulation functionality to analyze and optimize airside, runway, terminal control area and airspace operations. The modular software allows scenario editing, simulation and reporting through a single sophisticated interface that includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views.

AirTOP WIZer (What-If Analyzer) for area control centers connects to live data streams and presents short-term forecasts of air traffic and sector loads based on AirTOP simulations. WIZer supports supervisors and flow managers in their decision making for the hours ahead.

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