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DAY 1: AeroCloud showcases its cloud-native AI

AeroCloud is showcasing its cloud-native airport management platform, named Intelligent Airport Management system (iAM), at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022.

AeroCloud possesses modern APIs and open architecture, which enables it to consume data from additional feeds subject to requirements validation. AeroCloud’s AI and machine learning automation is designed to need little to no manual intervention, meaning users are unlikely to need to edit or upload flight data, gate or stand allocations. Additionally, AeroCloud's unlimited license means that it's not only airport operators that can have access to the latest information, but also third-party contractors and airlines.

The management platform is designed to increase airport throughput, centralize all airport data, automate tasks, predict passenger flow, manage gate usage and ensure all airport stakeholders have access to modern, reliable and intuitive technology solutions. As the solution is cloud-native, its data insights can be accessed via its web interface by team members on any device or browser that is connected to the internet. Modules are fully configured within the cloud via remote access.

AeroCloud is also hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is intended to improve the solution’s scalability, security and processing speed. This digital setup is also expected to save airports the cost of server purchase and maintenance while avoiding hardware reseller markups. This is because AeroCloud FIDS are powered by commercial off-the-shelf devices that cost the airport US$290 per unit, rather than dedicated PCs/DDCs devices that average US$800 per unit. With a lifecycle comparable to that of Intel NUCs, the airport is free to replace their devices outright without requesting them from a vendor and paying reseller markups.

“The market is ready for change – airports deserve better,” commented George Richardson, CEO and co-founder of AeroCloud, on the first morning of the show. “After the Covid-19 pandemic, airports need to cut their ties with legacy vendors as the software and hardware model has become outdated, unaffordable and obsolete. We pride ourselves on being responsive and reactive, offering operational leaders solutions to centralize all airport data, automating tasks, predicting passengers, managing gate usage, check in and baggage and ensuring every stakeholder across the airport gets the information they need in real time. Progression and innovation are at the heart of the company’s ethos, and it is focused on positively changing the way that airports work forever more,” he continued.

“The expo will provide the opportunity to meet with our existing customers and make many new connections with airport, airline and aviation executives to talk about how AeroCloud understands the problems facing airports. Our solutions, innovation and talent are delivering optimization, cost savings and a better passenger experience.”

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