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Easy-peel baggage tags

It is just a baggage tag, but it is still a big deal. As more and more self-service kiosks and auto bag-drop units (ABD) are introduced at airports, passengers need to self-tag their baggage. Many passengers are not yet accustomed to the self-service systems and are puzzled about how they should handle a baggage tag. Sometimes they spoil a baggage tag and have to go to the counter for it to be reissued. Seikodo’s easy-peel baggage tags can be the best solution. They are designed for anyone’s use and are easy and fast. These unique tags feature a ‘tab’ that helps passengers self-tag their baggage easily and quickly. Passengers can find the tab easily and use it to begin peeling off the tag.

Easy-peel baggage tags can also make a queue shorter. Thus, passengers do not get frustrated waiting in a long line, and can spend more time on shopping and eating until their boarding time.

From the viewpoint of airports and airlines, easy-peel baggage tags have some considerable advantages. As there are fewer spoiled/reissued baggage tags, cost and labor are likewise reduced. Furthermore, you don’t have to replace your printers, and frequent printer maintenance is not necessary because there is no adhesive residue. These easy-peel baggage tags are competitive in price and can be embedded with an RFID inlay.

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