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Speedy baggage transfer
ALSTEF Automation S.A.

As a result of the synergies between Alstef and B2A Technology Group, BagXone is a high-speed AGV for unit baggage transport developed for airport applications – a brand-new technology that will be shown for the first time at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020.

BagXone can be used to transfer baggage between different functional areas (screening machines, storage areas, etc) at standard speed; or to connect, for example, two terminals separated by large distances at a high speed of 7.5m/s.

The system is versatile; its implementation is fast and requires only limited infrastructure. It can be implemented in existing buildings thanks to its ability to deal with simple industrial flooring or to negotiate ramps. This solution allows airlines to expand the fleet easily if needed by increasing the number of AGVs, and to quickly modify trajectories. The investment and costs are therefore limited compared with conventional solutions. The BagXone is able to bypass blocking points (AGVs at stop, for example) and modify its trajectory in real time.

The solution is controlled by Bagware and AGV Manager software suites with operational support tools to ensure the performance of airport baggage sorting and handling systems.

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