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Sensor-based physical access control system

Cambaum strives to set new standards among sensor-based physical access control systems. With this aim, the company has tried to reinvent the sensor barrier with its SmartGate HSB-CB21.

With up to 256 individually evaluated sensors, the SmartGate ensures adaptable security in access control. All functions for the safety of pedestrians are individually tailored to each barrier and perfectly integrated.
The optional 3D person recognition, supported by a deep-learning (self-learning) AI-based evaluation system developed by Cambaum, provides superior performance. The elegant design is optimally designed for all conceivable applications. It offers space for built-in modules for ID, passport, barcode and other readers on the market. Up-to-date face recognition technology (available with face mask check) can be integrated and thus offers additional security.

The drive and locking units are reliable, stable and extremely quiet.

Due to the service- and user-friendly accommodation of the electronics in pull-out compartments, maintenance and component replacement can be carried out comfortably.

SmartGate HSB-CB21 is equipped with an intuitive user interface, including an icon to signalize the status and intuitive LED-lighting visualization. Thanks to the ability to integrate all readers and monitors, with various options and designs such as expansions or multiple gates in a row, adaptable passage widths and lighting systems, the SmartGate can blend into any given environment.

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