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Digital aviation solutions to boost performance

Siemens’ new Aviation Data Hub and Baggage 360 applications provide a holistic overview of the complete baggage journey and all functions involved in operating an airport. The digital solutions help to boost the overall performance of any airport, regardless of its size.

Until now, airlines, ground handlers and airports have had different information on operational activities, which they have processed individually. The result: complex systems, inconsistent data, lack of transparency and mishandled baggage.

Aviation Data Hub integrates several airport systems. It provides customers with a highly reliable data pool covering all applications, including a complete history and the current status of individual functions.

Baggage 360 is a smart, easy-to-implement application that provides airports, ground handlers and airlines with a comprehensive view of every individual bag within an airport network. Forecasting functionality uses advanced machine learning models to identify bags at risk of missing a connection, which in turn helps to drastically reduce the number of misconnected bags.

Siemens’ Service 4.0 portfolio includes condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance of baggage handling systems, as well as applications to quickly identify and order spare parts.

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