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Meet demand without expanding

Given the socio-environmental, budget and land constraints, airports are finding it challenging to meet the recent growth in air traffic demand. Based on the fact that the most sustainable solution for facility expansion is not to expand, NACO will be showcasing solutions at Passenger Terminal EXPO this year that allow airports to maximize the handling capacity of their key facilities, using new technologies and innovations and offsetting this investment by adopting the latest retail concepts for increased satisfaction and yield per passenger. This will be illustrated in still and moving images from key projects that NACO has delivered recently: NACO’s Future Vision approach for airports, and reconfiguration and upgrades of terminal processes at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

This approach has resulted in a win-win proposition for several airport clients, because it not only helps them sweat their assets with innovative new hardware and software, which results in return on investment through avoidance of large capital expansion, coupled with increased sales, but it also increases the passenger satisfaction, which may have taken a beating after playing catch-up to handle a period of immense growth.

NACO looks forward to showcasing the NACO Future Vision approach for airports, as well as the Schiphol program, which has been successfully implemented and is garnering the promised results of maximized handling capacity, passenger satisfaction increase, and increased yield per passenger.

Booth: Z1.2112

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