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High-speed baggage screening

Every day, Rapiscan Systems upholds its commitment to keeping global air travel safe. The company’s technology has been the first line of defense since the 1960s, when airports began to use advanced security inspection solutions.

Today, aviation customers worldwide turn to Rapiscan’s fully integrated, all-inclusive solutions to screen passengers, baggage and cargo quickly and reliably.

Rapiscan’s knowledge of airport operations, regulatory requirements and global trade means the company understands customers’ needs. Its worldwide training and support network spans languages, time zones and locations to help airports any time of the day, any day of the year.

Customers around the world are choosing the RTT110 to improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of their explosives detection screening operations, while lowering the cost. That’s because Rapiscan designed the RTT110 to overcome the limitations of the past, and enable next-generation, high-speed baggage screening.

With its large tunnel, capable of screening a wider range of larger items, the RTT110 is capable of screening baggage at an impressive speed of up to 1,800 bags an hour, and deliver optimal performance for the detection of prohibited materials.

The RTT110’s innovative, non-rotational gantry and modular design make it possible to upgrade the technology as and when required. This means that your detection and operation can always be up to date and using the latest in explosive detection system (EDS) technology and advancements.

Furthermore, the RTT110 generates fewer false alarms, which improves baggage handling efficiency and throughput, while lowering operational costs.

The company will also show the Rapiscan 920CT, an ECAC C3 approved checkpoint screening system for aviation cabin baggage. It provides the highest-resolution full-3D images for fast on-screen inspection and resolution (OSIR) for image analysis of automated alarms as well as scanning for other prohibited items . It can be integrated with leading automated tray return and baggage handling systems including Rapiscan’s TRS, increasing throughput and creating a better security environment.

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