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Smart and safe docking simulations

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, attendees are invited to visit the Adelte booth to experience the future of passenger boarding bridge (PBB) docking first-hand. Visitors can see a live demonstration or practice with the Apronaut docking simulator. Apronaut is the first software-based PBB docking simulator, allowing comprehensive training for PBB operators in a zero-risk environment. The simulator allows staff to train repeatedly, performing docking and undocking procedures on any type of aircraft, quickly gaining skills and confidence without the need to risk real equipment or take PBBs out of service.

Apronaut includes a flat screen displaying the aircraft and PBB cabin, and a real control and drive console. Thanks to Apronaut’s custom-made hardware and software, users can practice docking in the most realistic way possible, using control panels matching those of any PBB at any airport in the world, and visualizing various types of aircraft and airport environments as well as the movements of a PBB, adapted to any situation. With HD graphics, real-time control, a tailor-made screen and a real operator desk, Apronaut’s realistic virtual apron environment offers a rich, interactive, multimedia experience in which trainees can make mistakes without consequences.

Apronaut’s patented software generates detailed reports on user training, allowing supervisors to monitor progress, compare performance statistics and assess whether trainees are ready to obtain their PBB operator certificate. The simulator’s active internet connection, secure remote database and specially designed Apronaut Cloud website means that users can view reports and manage training from any PC or mobile device.

Booth: Z2.5195

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