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Innovating during the pandemic

In late 2020 Proavia launched AirportLAB, a network of French airports ready to collaborate with Proavia member companies by providing operational, live spaces within the airport environment to experiment with new French solutions. The idea was to use the lower business volume in airports due to the pandemic in a productive way.

The many innovations that have been successfully tested in prototype or proof-of-concept trials include automating the maintenance of airfield lighting systems through new photometry applications that detect defects in runway lights and parking lights without human inspection; creating a digital-twin 3D replica of an airport’s indoor and outdoor space to simulate the impact of traffic flows on the airport’s operational processes; enhanced foreign object detection that uses artificial intelligence to analyze images captured by cameras mounted on the roof of inspection vehicles; the first automated guided vehicle for automated handling of individual bags within the inspection (EDS) and sorting zones and for high-speed inter-terminal transfers; an A-CDM Light management tool for small airports, drawing data from Eurocontrol, flight lists, FIDS, etc with visualization of flight and turnaround status, alert management and KPI measurement; and a phosphorescent paint that shines for about 10 hours at night and can be used in special areas on energy-efficient airport platforms.

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