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Launch of announcement system
Sittig Technologies

At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, Sittig will launch its new cloud-based automatic announcement system – the PAXGuide Cloud. Using innovative and highly secure cloud technology, the system requires minimal implementation effort and delivers high-quality, real-time voice announcements. It utilizes the existing infrastructure and all available IP resources and has interfaces to all major PA brands (Bosch, IED, Variodyn, TOA, G+M, etc). Central announcements and individual boarding announcements can be managed and triggered by the system.

PAXGuide Cloud includes several new functionalities, such as a state-of-the-art Text-2-Speech engine and automated passenger calls. Text-2-Speech provides maximum flexibility for the airport to react to any case. Automated passenger calls in the passenger’s native language improve the efficiency and quality of passenger calls. Furthermore, the system is highly customizable due to its modular, cloud-based structure. Airports can easily add or remove features modules to adapt the system to their specific needs. Therefore, PAXGuide Cloud is the perfect solution for automating the announcement process at airports of any size.

Booth: Z3.6010

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