New Products on Show

Cloud-native AI and machine-learning-driven technology

AeroCloud will demonstrate its cloud-native airport management platform at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022. As the system is cloud-native, it is available anywhere with an internet connection, on any device. This accessibility allows operations managers to work from locations around the airport or remotely. The platform is modular, quick to install and can provide significant cost savings to airports.

AeroCloud is also focused on developing AI and machine learning technologies that can benefit airports. The platform already includes passenger prediction and optimized gate management, which are driven by machine learning to make airport planning easier. The company is also developing new capabilities around tracking passenger flow and airport assets using AI, which it is keen to discuss with airports interested in helping with development.

“We always felt the airport operations sector was an underserved market, and we’re seeing that a combination of genuinely innovative technology and great service is resonating with the airports we speak to. The pandemic has given us an opportunity to show airport executives how this platform can optimize their operations and save them costs when they’ve needed to most,” says AeroCloud CEO George Richardson.

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