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You’ve got the power

You’ve got the power at the airport gate – why not exploit it better? Let ITW GSE show you how you can utilize your installed power at the gate more cleverly with its Intelligent Power Management (IPM).

Many airport power installations are oversized because they are designed to cover the power needs in a worst-case scenario and not just the actual power consumption. The installed power capacity at a stand may well be 30-50% higher than the actual power consumption.

Letting the ITW GSE 3400 PCA manage the complete gate system optimizes the power consumption because integrated current limitation prevents the intelligent PCA from drawing more power from the grid than what is put at its disposal. The advantage is that you can allow the intelligent ITW GSE PCA to distribute excess gate power for alternative applications at the gate.

Should the GPU(s) – the most critical connection during flight preparations – require maximum power, the PCA smoothly adjusts its own consumption to ensure the total system consumption stays below the pre-set limit.

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