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Seamless digital ID

To improve the traveler experience, many airports and airlines provide apps that act as travel companions, enabling passengers to plan trips, check flight information and obtain personalized services. Travelers can use the enrollment app and their smartphone to check in remotely from their homes. When integrated into these apps, Idemia’s Capture SDK for Travel securely captures biometric data and travel document information, enabling the seamless verification of the traveler’s identity and the creation of a digital ID. Removing the need to present physical documents enables passengers to enjoy a contactless biometric experience and breeze through airport checkpoints.

This first level of digital identity is already available. Governments and international organizations such as ICAO and ISO are currently working on the standardization of future levels of the Digital Traveler Credential, and Idemia is actively participating in the working groups. When the standardization is finalized, travelers will be able to use their government-issued digital identity that can be stored on their smartphones (for instance), and securely share it with the various stakeholders. With such an approach, it will be easier for travelers to authenticate their identity, providing an overall smoother experience.

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