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Critical asset solutions
CHS Engineering Services Ltd

This is CHS’s fifth year in a row attending Passenger Terminal EXPO. You will find the company with the British Aviation Group team.

CHS will be showcasing its new IoT wireless technology, complementing the current aviation specialist workstreams. Invented to automatically monitor systems and equipment, identify machinery faults and measure asset performance, the system can then send alert notifications to the people who need them most. With over 70 different types of sensors available, the monitoring possibilities are endless. Around-the-clock live monitoring helps airports reduce maintenance cycles with real-time data feeds to custom-built dashboards informing risk managers, engineers and senior team members of impending failures. IoT remote monitoring technology is benefiting airports across the globe.

Also on display will be the company’s expert baggage system technical and consultancy services. From providing advice on design specification (BHS/HBS) and technical design reviews, to baggage system health checks and problem area monitoring, these independent services and can support any project or operation.

CHS is one of the leading global suppliers of test baggage; its range of test baggage products has been developed for use in airport BHS, HBS and EDS trials.

Booth: Z2.4070

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