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DAY 2: Flight information solution to boost sustainability via more accurate aircraft ETAs
Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace is highlighting its flight information solution FlightAware Foresight – and its potential to increase the sustainability of airport operations – to attendees of Passenger Terminal Expo 2022.

FlightAware Foresight is designed to provide more accurate aircraft ETAs to airports and airlines, to improve their planning of turnaround times and gate reallocation. FlightAware also provides machine language driven taxi out duration predictions. This is intended to reduce idling aircraft, inefficient turnaround times, unnecessary delays in boarding and passenger lines. For this reason, the company expects FlightAware Foresight to increase the efficiency and sustainability of airport operations.

By centralizing aircraft data into one solution, Collins Aerospace intends to increase trust and provide the right information to the right user at the right time. It expects FlightAware to achieve this with more accurate data and clear common visibility. Working with cloud provider Amazon Web Services, Collins Aerospace also argues that this tech is cost-effective as the cloud-based solution doesn’t require the maintenance that large amounts of airport-based hardware do in airports’ traditional core operations room setup.

“Collins Aerospace is focused on enabling a connected, seamless and sustainable airport by using technology and greater control over data to drive operational efficiency and increased passenger satisfaction,” commented Robert Sapitowicz, senior product marketing manager at Collins Aerospace. “At the expo, we’re looking for feedback on the most pressing issues and pain points from our airport and airline customers where we can focus and develop integrated end-to-end solutions in three main areas: passenger journey, baggage journey and airport operations.”

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