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Enabling the airport energy transition

AECOM is empowering airports by developing and implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GNG) emissions around the world.

Through planning, design and delivery, the company’s solutions address all aspects of sustainability and energy performance goals. It provides clear roadmaps to guide airports toward energy independence, enhance operational resilience and enable carbon neutrality in a fiscally responsible manner.

AECOM is driven to achieve aggressive energy, resiliency and emission goals through the adoption of conservation, generation and management strategies that are not only environmentally responsible but also aligned with the airport’s operations and development phasing. This includes optimization of areas such as lighting systems and clean heat energy services, and on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) and electric vehicle (EV) charging. The company’s experts can provide airports with the tailored transition needed to achieve sustainability goals, protect reputations and deliver a better world.

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