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GATE Innovation Program

At its booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023, the German Airport Technology and Equipment (GATE) airport network will present the findings of its Innovation Program. GATE’s Innovation Program supports all members in developing and, above all, testing resource-saving solutions for processes in the airport and on the apron. To achieve this, GATE relies on partnerships with several airports and institutions so that testing and validation are undertaken in real-world conditions.

GATE is a source of ideas for global air travel and innovation drivers for airport operations. Its members have expertise in all areas of the airport and offer integrated concepts and technologies that optimize processes, increase passenger comfort and reduce CO2 emissions. These days, innovations are not merely the product of R&D departments but are more often the result of a joint effort by several project partners. The concepts and prototypes need to be exposed to real-life conditions as soon as possible in order to be reviewed and revised.

Booth: 1140

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