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Data-driven decision making
Smart Flows

At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020, Smart Flows will show how airports can transform into data-driven entities and how decisions can be made based on accurate information about passenger flows.

Airports can identify congestion risks in real time with this technology. By leveraging wi-fi infrastructure, Smart Flows offers a real-time overview of an entire airport’s activity and identifies which areas are the most crowded. Management can take action to reduce the risk of congestion before it occurs.

With this software, airports can predict traffic at specific touchpoints. By combining multiple data sources, the new Smart Flows forecasting solution provides airports with traffic forecasts with unparalleled accuracy. Forecasts can be provided for different touchpoints and can cover the next few hours, days or months.

Airports can also track arrivals and transfer flows. Passenger experience is not just about departing passengers – with Smart Flows, airports can track and measure the efficiency of arrival and transfer processes. Airports using this solution can reduce the number of lost transfer passengers and increase passenger satisfaction with real-time passenger information.

Used at more than 300 locations worldwide and by some of the world’s largest airports, Smart Flows assists and supports airport business leaders who want to understand their passengers’ behavior to improve operational efficiency, increase non-aeronautical revenues and enhance passenger satisfaction.

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