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Live baggage handling control to be shown at expo
Beumer Group

While Beumer Group remains a global supplier of baggage handling systems, it is also now leading the way in the use of real-time data analytics to help support its airport customers when they make key decisions in areas such as maintenance, operations and system management.

Visitors to the 2020 Passenger Terminal EXPO in Paris will be able to experience this for themselves as Beumer Group makes available its live baggage handling system control room. This enables operators to upgrade their predictive and prescriptive abilities to give them an edge over competitors.

The issue of how to bring together data at airports where different sets of control systems operate over distinct baggage systems alongside one another is a challenge that must be overcome. To do this, Beumer Group has developed its own unique platform that shows the complete picture.

Bergen and Helsinki are just two of the airports that are now benefiting from the availability of data-driven asset management across three levels. At both these airports, data is streamed in real time from IoT devices and IT equipment to enhance predictive maintenance capabilities, with machine learning enabled so that abnormalities can be detected before they become a problem or cause an incident.

Operationally they also use data streamed in real time from their baggage handling systems to boost overall performance by learning from what has occurred before. This allows the airport to draw on current and historical data to make improved operational decisions.

At the management level, where data drives accurate reporting and analysis, Beumer Group’s user-friendly dashboard configurations provide a highly visual and comprehensive data-analysis tool to enable airports to customize displays and produce reports that address recurring events and analyze new ones.

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