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New software for all airport operations
ALPHA-CIM Solutions

ALPHA-CIM Solutions will present its new software abilities. First, for baggage handling, the company has developed a software package dedicated to baggage handling, carrying out baggage routing tasks with the highest reliability. The package supports any future expansion of the airport. It includes control and monitoring, tracking, routing, screening management, geo-tracking, video integration and much more.

For passenger flow management, ALPHA-CIM ensures the physical separation of passenger flows, whether they are boarding or disembarking, with automatic locking of doors to create the right pathway for passengers. The action is taken by the ground staff directly on their control panel. The system also manages the splitting between international and Schengen flights.

The Airport Operation Center (APOC) is a hypervision solution that allows integration of all the airport stakeholders. All the integrations rely on secure and robust architectures, interoperability and open systems.

Designed to guide the operator in its surveillance mission, the fire safety system enables staff to quickly master a fire emergency situation or analyze potential risks. By merging the data collected from any constructor, it provides precise, real-time fire alarm geolocalization and automatically connects to CCTV. Its ergonomic and intuitive interface significantly eases the daily work of the user. The system automatically generates fire SCADA, making updates easier, pleasant and much more reliable.

To meet the highest requirements of surveillance missions, PEXAS displays a global view of the airport border, allowing rapid interventions in case of breach. This IT solution gathers data from different manufacturers of centralized emergency exit management units and video systems, providing a unified and efficient view of all the sensitive accesses on one application.

The last technology covers passenger boarding bridges. This software, independent from the boarding bridge manufacturer, provides supervision of all boarding bridges. The system displays the real-time status of the equipment and enables the operator to allocate PBB to aircraft, prevent malfunctions, and reduce boarding and disembarkation time.

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