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Network management solution

Leidos’s Mosaic network security solutions dramatically increase throughput and efficiency and enable seamless travel from curb to gate. This suite of fully integrated solutions delivers real-time data to decision makers throughout the passenger experience. Mosaic’s modular design provides a scalable approach to high-security checkpoint facilities of any size. With these solutions, airports can reduce costs by leveraging more affordable automated equipment while optimizing the checkpoint screening process.

Airports can also eliminate manual data aggregation across various pieces of equipment as Mosaic does this automatically through detailed insights and analytics around the people and baggage screening processes. The centralized data storage, operator actions, training data and profiles, and other business intelligence data help airports improve public safety and service at every security checkpoint.

As a holistic checkpoint security solution, Mosaic leverages an open architecture of plug-and-play integration, supports the integration of third-party technologies when additional security layers are needed, has remote screening options, and is cloud ready with containerized management and enterprise scalability. This is all supported by dedicated and efficient management services throughout the entire lifespan of the installed solution.

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