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Access control gates
Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions

Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions will use Passenger Terminal EXPO 2020 to show off its
elegant gate for access control. The gate has been customized in a stylish design and is user friendly. It can be easily set up to cope with a high number of visitors, and a wide lane inside the gate will allow wheelchair users to pass. The gate is bidirectional, so users can enter and exit at the same time. This feature allows airports with limited space to operate the entry and exit controls simultaneously, based on gate configuration and settings.

The gate has sensitive sensors to ensure personal safety: the door will stop immediately if a passenger is detected, even if the flap is moving. In addition, high-level security on the gate is achieved via the height of the flap door, advanced sensors (beam and ultrasound) and a stereo (vision) camera to monitor and track the passenger inside the gate trap to avoid any tailgate violations.

The door has a lock mechanism to prevent it being forced open by unauthorized users, and the gate will trigger an alarm in case of attempted illegal access. Moreover, the large glass panels encourage users to feel at ease by reducing the ‘physical barrier’ effect of the gate. It provides transparency and greater visibility for the operator to closely monitor the passenger inside the gate.

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