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Contactless-touch technology

Neonode creates innovative contactless-touch technology for safer travel experiences, with applications for terminals, inflight and border control.

With this technology, the company plans to transform the way humans interact with machines. The light-reflective technology built into its Touch Sensor Modules can make anything from self-service check-in machines, baggage drops or inflight entertainment screens fully touchless in moments. Alternatively, the company’s technology can be used in conjunction with holographic imagery for complete in-air interactivity which not only provides safer interaction with public machines, but also creates a stunning wow-factor.

Neonode has a long history of innovation in advanced, multi-modal human-machine interaction (HMI) solutions. To date, its proven technology is deployed in more than 80 million products around the world. The company holds more than 100 patents worldwide and has been listed on Nasdaq, New York, since 2012. Already deployed in many airports around the globe, its global team of experts proudly come together to develop the world’s most advanced technology for our customers.

Booth: Z2.5182

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